Frequently asked questions

Yes we do! However, if you live somewhere completely isolated, like on a desert island or on another planet, you may want to contact us, just to check this out.

We typically ship within 10 business days, although we may occasionally have some delays. For example, after launching a new model, we have to catch up if orders exceed our stock, and during this time, shipping may take a little longer. We may have put a warning directly on the toy’s page, so check it out! Please contact us if you want to be sure or if you have an emergency such as an imminent move.
Of course we do! You will find us at EU furry conventions who accepts NSFW booths. The biggest ones are Eurofurence in Hamburg and FurryBlackLight in Paris!

Maybe! Even though we are posting news when looking for a specific skill that we don’t already have, you might want to give us your email and an example of your work! This way, you’ll come in priority when we will need someone with your skills.

Anything else? Ask here!

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