đź‘ŻAbout us

The two of us founded Nyoon in 2023, here in Montpellier, South of France.

First there is  Oridore, a 23-year-old digital artist who’s been part of a cinematic team of some AAA video games at Ubisoft he can’t speak about right now. He’s been a fan of animation forever (Miyazaki is his ❤) and geeked out studying cinema, storytelling, and the language of light in images and movies. At Nyoon, Ori’s the awesome creative mind behind our toys design, he crafts many parts of Nyoon’s Universe and he is the creator of all our character designs. He is also the guy in charge of everything on our website, he deals with the communication and the community management. Ah and he is also the Art Director for our comics, collaborating closely with our illustrators!

Then there’s Yazu, the 37-year-old scientist with a history of founding his own biotech company. He’s been hooked on Science Fiction forever, originally studying chemical engineering for green applications before switching gears to get a Ph.D. in microbiology. After his Ph.D., he ventured into creating a startup focused on genetically engineered microalgal biofuel, scored some cool proofs of concept, but alas, the project couldn’t weather the economic storm of the Covid Pandemic. At Nyoon, Yazu is the go-to guy for all the technical and ecological aspects of our toys designs, 3D resin printing, silicone casting production, and quality control. He handles the paperwork side of things and is also the brain behind the scientific elements of Nyoon’s Lore and also comic’s dialogues.

Actually, it’s worth noting that most of the stuff is often done together, in particular lore and stories and toys concepts, and also with the crucial help of other actors that work with us and help us a lot. Illustrators like MysticFox, Don’t Jinxit and P0sp0r0, or also close friends implicated in various activism (feminist and LGBT+) that help us when we need to improve our knowledge over stuff we don’t master very well, for example for upcoming toy designs more dedicated to female anatomies!

Gender equality, LGBT+ acceptance, and sexual awareness are key values that hold significance for us. We consider them as some of the essential pillars for a peacefull world that would finally have time to really care for the only priority of the 21st century : taking care of our sick planet.

We strongly believe that a world where attitudes towards sex are characterized by respect, destigmatization, and freedom from shame would ultimately contribute to creating a safer, happier, and more comfortable environment for all humans and everything that is stuck here with us.

We also believe that the power of fiction is strong and may sometimes change minds more efficiently than any scientific or technical revolution.  Showing an utopian world that deals with its own issues differently than humans is relevant to us as it may inspire many individuals at a time with whole new sets of ideas. We would like our stories to show how a more casual relation towards sex may help build a smarter society.

We won’t create revolutions here, but maybe that our ideas will slightly inspire minds that will create the conditions required for it to occur, by their own professional actions or their daily life choices.

đź‘ŚHandmade & Safe

Silicone is a very robust material that can withstand compression, stretching, twisting, harsh chemicals, and temperature changes. Its only vulnerabilities are tears (avoid blades and sharp nails!) and silicone lubricant that may melt it on the long term (please don’t use it…)

All silicones used by Nyoon are medical-grade platinum-cured silicones that fit the highest standards known for the manufacturing of sextoys. It is the same material used for medical prosthethics and breast implants for example.

Our exclusive supplier provides us with high quality silicone product lines, along with approved additives that are sometimes usefull in some difficult and specific casting processes.

All pigments used by Nyoon, including matte, fluorescent, and phosphorescent colors, are approved for use in our silicone products, specially formulated for compatibility and used within recommended concentration ranges. We are most of the time way below the recommended maximum concentration to ensure maximum safety.

The micas we use are compatible with platinum-cure silicones and are sourced from a single renowned supplier exclusively offering synthetic micas. We prefer synthetic micas over natural ones to minimize impurities in our pigments and ensure a better knowledge of the social and environmental conditions of their production.

Our complementary team utilizes its design and engineering expertise to deliver the finest possible product! We strive to offer you the most unique sculptures conceivable—visually appealing, tactilely delightful, and enjoyable to use.

Our designs undergo meticulous digital crafting, guided by three fundamental criteria: intrinsic aesthetic appeal, coherence with the character’s lore, and the relevance of the sensory experience.

These key criteria are enhanced by additional, though less apparent, considerations. This involves an eco-conscious and innovative approach to streamline molding design, minimize the number of casting and post-processing stages, and reduce wastes and undesired by-products at every stage from fabrication to final delivery.

We think that some people may like exceptionally rare and unique objects, and that’s also a way to challenge ourselves regularly in even more difficult silicone pourings.

Those exceptional projects we call “special editions” are often harder to make and their price reflect the additional work on them in comparison to signature editions (that are already not so easy to make!).

We want those “special edition” events to be unique, and their profits will serve the sole purpose of funding the upcoming chapters of our comic (and maybe sometime another awesome project we have in our drawers?)

You will probably notice very soon that we don’t propose custom sizes, colors or softness, for our toys.

It is a choice driven mainly by our will to propose a whole new immersive experience.

When buying Nyoon toys, you are not buying random toys, you are willing to fool around with the character you liked discovering personality and adventures in our comics. It implies that the toy comes in a single signature color, a single size, and a specified softness that fit the character design. We know it may be disappointing in some cases (particularly with sizes issues…) but it is the price to pay to stay true to our characters.

We also think that these constraints could be an interesting way to stimulate creativity and to initiate discovery of new ways to have fun with an oversize or undersized partner, real or imaginary. The most obvious interaction between a banana and a donut is not always the most exciting one, and that’s why we also would like to stimulate creation of whole new scenarios in your heads with our stories and with toys that won’t always fit the first idea you would get with them.

That said, the only exceptions we are willing to make to this principle will be the rare special editions because they will help another purpose.

Delivery length is generally a few days long if you are in France or in Europe. But depending on the country you want the delivery, it may be longer and we can’t really have an influence on that. If you ever had any special delivery requirement, please contact us and we will see if something can be done.

While we appreciate the increasing openness of our world, we understand that discretion is often essential. Our packages are thoughtfully concealed in a discreet cardboard packaging with neutral tape, devoid of any visible indicators of their contents.

What lies inside is for the opener’s knowledge only. But even with the most gloomy box, we strive to provide an engaging unboxing experience!

âś…Safe & Nontoxic

Platinum-cured silicone stands out as one of the safest materials for designing adult toys. Unlike materials such as PVC, polystyrene, or other petroleum-based plastics, silicone offers chemical safety comparable to stainless steel or glass, but without the risks of breakage, sharp edges, and painful impacts.

Its chemical inertness and the absence of volatile compound release make silicone safer than most other thermoplastics, establishing it as the preferred choice not only for medical implants but also for adult toys.

Silicone exhibits robust resistance to most common solvents and chemicals (acetone, ethanol, soap, acids, bleach etc.), allowing for cleaning and sterilization without compromising its structure. Silicone also demonstrates resilience to extreme temperatures, withstanding both extreme cold and heat (up to over 250°C).

The non-porous texture prevents bacterial colonization inside the toy, ensuring hygienic use.

Silicone’s thermal and chemical stability facilitates easy cleaning and sterilization through methods such as soapy warm water, diluted bleach, dishwasher cleaning, or even a pressure-cooking boiling step once in a while.

However, it’s also crucial to ensure the complete removal of any residual chemical traces after an intensive cleaning of your toy : traces of soap, dishwasher’s chemicals and diluted bleach on the surface of yout toy may hurt your inner tissues so rince abundantly with water after cleaning.

Advisory notes:

 Sanitizing gels are not a good idea in this sense: they will effectively kill bacteria and viruses but they will also deposit a film of hazardous chemicals on your toy (and chemicals designed to kill bacteria and viruses are not really friendly to your inner tissues). If you plan to use this kind of product, rince abundantly after!

Diluted bleach is probably the most overkill treatment you could think of to sterilize your toy. It is efficient and will not alter silicone structure, but on the very long term, or if you let your toy over too long period of time in a bath of bleach (multiple days) it may alter slightly the encapsulated pigments colors (but not all pigments will react the same to bleach). If you plan to use diluted bleach once in a while, it is a good idea, but rince it abundantly with water after and try not to over expose your toys to it to protect its colors (never more than 1 hour).

While the toy itself is designed for maximum safety and pleasurable experience, it’s essential to be mindful of potential risks.

For instance, using a toy that is oversized for your comfort, training or capabilities could lead to hurting yourself. Sharing toys with a partner, while enjoyable, carries similar risks to unprotected sex regarding STDs. If uncertain about a partner’s medical status, using a condom on the toy and changing it between partners is recommended. If lending the toy to a friend, an effective and cautious method when taking it back is pressure-cooking the toy with water-diluted bleach for approximately 20-30 minutes. This method is known to sterilize almost 100% of any common bacteria and viruses. In doubt, you shall always seek for medical advice.

Silicone is a pretty strong material. It can crazily resist to compression, strectching, twitching, harsch chemicals and temperature variations. Its only weaknesses are tearings (so avoid blades or sharp nails!) and silicone lubricant (really: please don’t).

The point with special editions is to create toys that will be as fun to play with as any other “standard” toys. And they shall be used as such.

But if there is any reason to think that elasticity or resilience of the special toy had been impaired due to the complexity of the assembly (for example due to any exotic insert inside the shaft or something) we would let you know the risk. It would just mean that you should be a little extra carefull with them, just in case, and that you shall really not use them as a hammer or a door holder (but we hope you don’t do that with our signature toys either huh?). Maybe stretching them too harshly would be less recommended than for signatures. But apart from those vigilance recommendations they are supposed to be as playable as our other creations!

If you ever encounter any problem with a special edition purchase, please let us know. We would gladly try to find a solution together!

🎨Comics & Art Projects

With Nyoon, we modestly tried to create something that we would have loved to read and that is pretty hard to find somewhere else.

We think stories can have a strong impact and change minds even more efficiently than science or technology.

By showing imaginative worlds that handle problems differently, we hope to inspire new ideas.

Our stories aim to show how a more relaxed attitude towards sex can contribute to creating a smarter society.

To tackle this fact it appeared clear that we needed to melt positive sexuality depiction in other mainstream plots. That’s why we mixed it with more serious topics like Sci-Fi and Fantasy adventures.

By making the comics free, we wanted to ease people talking about it and ease spreading knowledge about the universe, its values and obviously also our company!

We love sextoys and we love stories. The idea to fund free stories with the sales of beautifull sextoys inspired by our characters came pretty fast and we hope that it will be a good enough concept to make something rather big out of it!

We will do our best to maintain the digital edition of our comics free. But probably that one day there will exist a printed edition that you may buy if you ever are interested.

We love art, and we would love to be able to help as much as possible brilliant artists to practice their art, commissioning them to give life to our characters! A part of our profit is dedicated in commissioning digital artists we like every month and we would love to continue this engagement for as long as possible. Follow our networks if you feel like you may be interested in those arts!

In a close future, we will probably produce limited and top quality prints of some exceptional works done in collaboration with digital artists and a brilliant workshop we crave to work with. Follow us if you don’t want to miss those rare opportunity!

In a more distant future, we would also love to give more and more life to our stories and try to animate them. This project is a dream for both of us and even if it seems really distant and unreachable yet, maybe that with help it will become possible!

🌱Ecological Impact

Before delving any further and risking accusations of greenwashing, let’s state the facts: no industrial, craft, or human activity, by definition, occurs without inevitable environmental impact. Including us.

Carbon offsetting is better than nothing, but repairing a broken stuff is not the same as not breaking it. Any compensation we could think of is just a way to lighten our conscience.

That said, there are also some indicators and objectives measures that allow us to monitor our impact relatively to other anthropic activities so that every individual will be able to decide by himself if our offsetting actions seem sufficient or not to his own criteria.

If you are interested, we have tried to put into perspective the impact of our sextoys and our activity on the environment.

Platinum-cured silicone is chemically inert, similar to a rock. If thrown into the sea, it wouldn’t pose a chemical threat to any living organism. Any pollution would be visual, and the only ecological impact might be the difficult colonization by small algae and bacteria that would prefer porous rocks. That’s rather good news, but the case is not fully solved.

Where does the silicone in our sex toys come from? Silicone, the primary material for our products, is not derived from petroleum, setting it apart from polymers like polyethylene, PVC, or polyurethane. We use ready-made formulations from our supplier, which include dichloromethylsilane (DCMS) and a platinum catalyst. DCMS is produced from metallic silica (Si) and chloromethane (CH3Cl) through the Muller-Rochow process (1940), with silicon sourced primarily from mining sand and purifying quartz. Chloromethane, naturally present earth and in some cases, biosynthesized by certain plants, is actually industrially produced from chlorine and methane or methanol, possibly using specific catalysts. Platinum catalyst fabrication processes are also pretty difficult to trace.

Tracing the supply chain beyond this point becomes challenging for us. In terms of ecological footprint, even if silicone materials are not petroleum-based, the chemical reactions required for manufacturing demand energy and high temperatures, with varying carbon footprints based on the host countries for these powerplants that we can’t easily trace with our means (some countries will use coal or petroleum fuelled power plants, some other nuclear, and other renewable energies…).

In consequence Nyoon is in the early stages of estimating its products’ carbon footprint, which is a very meticulous and costly process that needs a lot of time and dedication over months. Presently, we can only provide a rough estimate of our sex toys’ carbon footprint (waiting for us to have more funds to make a more accurate calculation).

In consequence, we decided that our carbon offsetting initiative will involve an intentional overestimation of the probable footprint of our toys based on mean figures we can find, we then calculate the offset we want by multiplying this exaggerated estimate by 10 and at the end of every year we will partner with various organisms that will take actions on our behalf on the base of this calculated footprint.

This approach aims to generously cover our actual carbon footprint, allowing us to claim a commitment beyond being « simply responsible » and support broader environmental initiatives, such as various biodiversity protection.

By doing this, we hope to compensate for the inevitable environmental impacts of our activities as effectively as possible, in full conscience of the limits of this process.

Shorter version:

Nyoon’s silicone for sex toys is different from plastics made from oil. We get our silicone from a supplier, and it includes special ingredients like dichloromethylsilane and platinum catalyst. These ingredients come from things like sand and certain chemicals. Figuring out exactly where they come from is hard. Even though silicone is better for the environment, making it uses a lot of energy. Nyoon is working on estimating how much carbon is used to make our toys. We’ll offset this impact by doing more than we think we need to. This way, we hope to make up for any harm our activities cause to the environment.


In addition to our carbon offsetting efforts, Nyoon is committed to minimizing unnecessary side wastes as much as possible. While we initially thought to provide a lavish unboxing experience with velvety shrines, elaborate cardboard compartments, and beautifully printed thank-you cards, our ecological awareness reminded us pretty fast of the environmental impact—waste of plastic, ink, paper, and cardboard.

To address this, we’ve focused on reducing our packaging and offering only quality items that can be reused as much as possible. For instance, our transport bag serves not only to protect the toy during transportation but is also strong and features a beautiful design for versatile use in various situations. We also encourage clients to opt-out of this bag if they feel it’s unnecessary for them.

Another consideration is the plastic piece protecting the toy, essential for maintaining hygienic safety. While we currently use a transparent, unprinted option which is just biodegradable, we aim to explore better eco-friendly alternatives like cornstarch or potato starch bioplastics in the future (difficult to supply for a small company).

Our care sheet notes are designed to be both practical and creative, featuring MysticFox illustration on the backside and that you may find valuable, and laminated for a better life expectancy. For packing materials, we’ve chosen kraft paper and tissue paper as lightweight yet efficient and petroleum free options to protect your purchase.

We acknowledge these initiatives as a compromise between the pleasure of a fully creative unboxing experience and the environmental impact of unnecessary items.

Looking ahead, we aspire to further reduce our ecological footprint by developing a specific formulation that incorporates partial recycling of our silicone wastes in some toys. It will be a difficult and costly project to start but we won’t stand very long not doing it.


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