C’mon, I saw how you looked at me! Do as I do, take it all off, show me some bits of yourself~”

Tilus is a joyful and androgynous 30 cycles old axonautil which proudly bears the glim of glow, adorning his pink and purple skin with captivating blue patterns. Originating from Cavoizelles cavern in Uneith’s north, the subterranean city provided him with an uncommon youth compared to other Nyoonians.

Mastering the glim of glow, Tilus can illuminates his body, reflecting his solar personality. Enrolled in the Glow club of Cavoizelles in his youth, he met his forever friend and rival, Lael. There, he developed a playful spirit to continuously tease her.

Growing up alongside Lael, their mischievous rivalry took a turn during the town’s folkloric Glow contest, resulting in an unexpected tie. To break it, Tilus and Lael initiated a long-term challenge across Nyoon’s continents, details known only to the guardian.

Recently arriving in Uneith for studies, Tilus forged deep connections with Clock and Ryu on his first night in the city, adding a new chapter to his captivating journey.

Drawing by mystikfox


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