I already know what you think, what you feel. But prove me I can trust you, and I’ll tell you what I feel too.

Hailing from the secluded Bramabime village, Ryu is a black-furred Kobold with a fiery red mane. At 40 cycles old, he harbors a tragic past, having lost his Glim during an accident he doesn’t like to bring up.

Ryu is now a highly skilled young scientist working at Uneith University. He has a surprising competitive spirit weirdly tempered by his introverted and shy nature.

Clock and Sulli stand as Ryu’s only known friends, sharing a fulfilling bond with them, despite the frequent teasings about his technology addictions. Some years ago Suli crafted a precious flying bug device that is a tool for Ryu to handle his Glim disability. This token of friendship means the world to him and he probably won’t stand loosing it.

Recently, Ryu has been drowning in his work, finding solace only in his scientific pursuits. Meeting Tilus with the help of Clock has brought a ray of light into his life, providing a much-needed change from his usual preoccupations.

Drawing by mystikfox


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