Of course I’ll guide you, honey-bun. What did you think those huge arms are for?

Clock, the nomadic giant from Bunmeadow plateau, is an immense White Rabbit recognized for his towering presence and huge straight ears. At 45 cycles, he wields the Glim of Boost, granting him with immense strength that gave him his bodybuilder shape. Renowned as one of Neith’s top scouts, he diligently escorts vital expeditions for the government.

True to his name, Clock is synonymous with punctuality, never missing an appointment. His joyful and carefree personality makes him not only a reliable scout but also a delightful companion. Clock’s friendship with Ryu began during a mission, leading to a strong bond between them. While he once considered becoming a nomadic judge, he’s now completely committed to scouting for this exciting expedition.

Despite the interruption of his Path of Life (which he tattooed on his arm) and the miss of important family reunions on other continents, the prospect of scouting a new journey with Ryu, Sulli, and their new friend Tilus fills Clock with delight. The shared camaraderie promises to unfold a captivating chapter in Clock’s journey.

Drawing by mystikfox


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